PDF of the 18-page Information in Lieu of Indictment against David Samson: https://njcorruption.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/samson_david_information.pdf

The well intentioned citizen’s complaint brought by Democratic Gubernatorial candidate William J. Brennan of Wayne against former Port Authority Chairman and Christie ally David Samson is unlikely to go anywhere according to sources in New Jersey’s legal community. Brennan, a long time activist, filed a complaint last Tuesday calling for Samson to be charged with official misconduct under New Jersey law. The state, N.J.S.A. 2C:30-2, carries a maximum of ten years in prison with a mandatory minimum of five years behind bars.

Last month, Samson, New Jersey’s former Attorney General, was sentenced to one year of house arrest at his South Carolina vacation home by a federal judge. The plea deal negotiated by Samson’s attorneys and former United States Attorney Paul Fishman has been criticized by many who view it as business as usual in New Jersey: A dirty federal prosecutor handing out lenient plea deals to powerful politicians.

Despite Samson’s conviction in federal court, nothing prevents state authorities from bringing a separate prosecution against Samson for violating state corruption and bribery laws. The United States and the State of New Jersey are considered separate sovereigns under the law and the Double Jeopardy Clause of the Constitution would not bar such a prosecution.

The Newark Municipal Court Judge assigned to the complaint, Marvin Adames, a Jersey City resident, is likely to consider the complaint with an open mind. However, sources in the legal community say that any judge would also take into consideration potential retaliation from Samson’s allies in the legal community. Adames, a former Essex County Assistant Prosecutor, has taken Brennan’s complaint under advisement and will issue a decision on April 24, 2017.

At a press conference in Whippany, Christie made the following comments about Brennan and the latest filing against Samson:

“The guy’s a dope. And he’s misusing the (legal) system as a candidate for governor trying to get himself publicity, and people like you are stupid enough to go and cover it,”  Christie said. “Just ’cause you’re dumb enough to cover it doesn’t mean I’m going to be just as stupid and answer a question about it.”